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BakhoorPro® | Scent Diffuser Comb (30% OFF)

Sale price$35.00 Regular price$50.00



BakhoorPro® | Scent Diffuser Comb (30% OFF) - Haeria
BakhoorPro® | Scent Diffuser Comb (30% OFF) Sale price$35.00 Regular price$50.00

Infuse Your Hair With Timeless Aroma Using BakhoorPro!

"For years, I've been in search of a hair fragrance that not only lingers but also leaves a mesmerizing trail wherever I go. Traditional perfumes just weren't cutting it. Naturally, I was skeptical about whether BakhoorPro could truly deliver on its promise. To my delight, BakhoorPro overdelivered in every aspect. The enchanting aroma of oud that it brought to my hair was not only enduring but truly captivating. I bid farewell to the doubts as the sleek design, and the portable nature of BakhoorPro became an essential part of my daily routine."

Sally Rhodes, 32, Atlanta, Georgia, USA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Say Goodbye To Dull Hair Days With BakhoorPro's Enchanting Scent!

Are You Tired of Fading Fragrances and Lifeless Hair? Have you grown weary of fleeting scents that leave you wanting more? BakhoorPro is a revolutionary Scent Diffuser Comb designed to infuse your hair with enduring and captivating scents that resonate with your emotions. Crafted with innovation and inspired by the ancient tradition of oud, BakhoorPro transforms your hair into a canvas of emotions, telling a fragrant story with every sway.

BakhoorPro is equipped with a portable 2in1 design, seamlessly blending a Bakhoor Comb with a standard Bakhoor/Incense Burner. The result? A multisensory experience that not only enhances the fragrance of your hair but also creates a scented aura around you. The electric diffuser ignites spices through high-temperature heating wire, offering a smart, convenient, and safe aroma experience. The sleek upgrade caters to all hair types, ensuring that the emotional connection you seek with your hair fragrance is never compromised.

Why Choose BakhoorPro Scent Diffuser Comb?

Enchanting Hair Scent: Immerse yourself in the allure of enchanting hair perfume with BakhoorPro. Every stroke of the comb releases a captivating aroma of oud, leaving an indelible trail wherever you go. Let your hair be a scented masterpiece that captures attention and admiration.

Long-Lasting Enigma: BakhoorPro ensures that your fragrance lingers for hours on end. No more fleeting scents that leave you wanting more. Enjoy the luxury of a long-lasting, enduring aroma that becomes an integral part of your persona, captivating those around you.

Always On-The-Go Elegance: Designed with elegance and portability in mind, BakhoorPro is your secret weapon for on-the-go refreshment. Whether at work, in the car, or out and about, experience the luxury of effortlessly enhancing your hair's aroma anytime, anywhere.

A Clean Experience: Bid farewell to messy residues and complicated application. BakhoorPro's technologically advanced design ensures a clean and pure fragrance experience. No mess, no fuss just undiluted, scented brilliance for your hair.

Portable 2in1 Design: BakhoorPro offers a portable 2in1 design, serving as both a Bakhoor Comb and a standard Bakhoor/Incense Burner. Effortlessly switch between modes, upgrading your aromatic experience with the sleeker, newer design suitable for all hair types.

Embrace Enchanting Aromas Every Day With BakhoorPro!

Inspired by the ancient tradition of oud, BakhoorPro is designed to infuse your hair with the captivating aroma of this timeless essence. Every stroke of the comb releases a magnetic pull of oud, ensuring your hair becomes a vessel for enduring and enchanting scents.

BakhoorPro employs electric diffuser technology, using high-temperature heating wire to ignite spices. This smart and convenient mechanism ensures a faster, controlled, and safe burning process, providing a continuous stream of aromatic brilliance to enhance your hair fragrance.

BakhoorPro Is Your Signature Scent, Wherever You Go - Only A Few Left!

Say goodbye to the emotional void left by fading scents, and embrace the allure of enduring aromas that speak to your soul. With Bakhoor Pro step into a world where every strand of your hair becomes a vessel for emotions, an aromatic expression of your unique essence. It's time to let your hair tell the emotional story you've always craved with BakhoorPro.

Order BakhoorPro today and get flawless hair today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

BakhoorPro's portable design is a lifesaver! I've upgraded my aromatic experience, and now my hair is a scented masterpiece. Love, love, love!


Sleek, portable, and utterly enchanting! BakhoorPro turns heads everywhere I go. No more dull hair days, just a fragrant symphony with every comb stroke.


No more compromises on fragrance! BakhoorPro is a fragrance symphony. It's sleek, convenient, and the electric diffuser tech is a game-changer.


I've tried countless hair perfumes, but BakhoorPro is in a league of its own. The oud aroma is pure luxury, and the 2in1 design is so convenient.


BakhoorPro is pure elegance. The long-lasting fragrance makes me feel like royalty. It's become an essential part of my beauty regimen.


BakhoorPro has transformed my hair routine! The oud-infused aroma is mesmerizing, and I love how long it lasts. A definite game-changer!


Say goodbye to ordinary hair perfumes! BakhoorPro's electric diffuser tech creates a scented aura, making me feel like a walking masterpiece. Love it!


I was skeptical at first, but BakhoorPro exceeded all expectations. The fragrance is divine, and the 2in1 design is pure genius. Highly recommended!


BakhoorPro is my new secret weapon! It's always in my bag for on-the-go freshness. No more compromises on fragrance, it's perfection in every stroke.


BakhoorPro is a fragrance revelation! The electric diffuser tech ensures a controlled burn, and my hair has never smelled more enchanting. Obsessed!